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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Mother care

Warm care

The customer service staff will follow the whole process from the date of signing the contract, and will send SMS greetings and notices according to the pregnancy process.

Nutrition onditioning

The customer service staff will follow the whole process from the date of signing the contract, and will send SMS greetings and notices according to the pregnancy process.

Expert guidance

The nutritionist customizes the personalized pregnancy conditioning plan according to the difference in constitution;

 Puerperal period
Check in assessment

Comprehensive health assessment of maternity and newborns by professional physicians, nursing directors and nutrition consultants on the day of check-in;

Customized personalized care and diet plan according to each person's physical condition;

Professional care

Obstetrician and gynecologists check the health condition regularly , investigate the hidden dangers of the disease, and provide medical care consultation services;

Nurses observe maternal body temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, weight, wounds, lochia, uterine involution, etc.

Daily post-partum wound disinfection and recovery care - perineum, caesarean section;

Breastfeeding guidance, assisted in the use of milk and breast pump instructions;

Breast, nipple care, mastitis prevention, etc

Postpartum rehabilitation

It provides special post-natal rehabilitation projects such as Chinese medicine foot bath, Chinese medicine shampoo, herb treatment, beauty rejuvenation, massage soothing and dietary meals.

Life care

Club housekeeping service
Hotel-style rooms, property services
Cleaning personal clothes

Shoulder neck soothing
Courses, activities, arrangements
Meal service

Baby care

Baby care
Scientific feeding

The health of the baby is assessed by the pediatricians on the day of check-in;

Assist new mothers in breastfeeding and try to achieve exclusive breastfeeding;

For infants who are fed artificially or mixedly, develop a scientific feeding plan and record relevant data such as feeding time and dosage.

The baby is supplemented with various essential nutrients such as calcium and cod liver oil on time

According to the baby's weight gain and urination, adjust the feeding plan in a timely manner.

Daily care

Daily eye, ear, nose, umbilical cord, lower body cleaning and disinfection care;

Take a bath every day and change clothes;

Observe growth and development, measure and record body temperature, body weight and other data; measure body length every week;

Closely observe the situation of infant jaundice, and monitor the baby's fever, bloating, diarrhea, etc.; if abnormal conditions occur, notify the superior in time and assist in send to a professional hospital for treatment;

Change the diaper in time, pay attention to clean after the stool; observe the color and displacement of the urine and stool; timely respond to the situation of spitting milk and milk spill;

Correct care of newborn red buttocks and eczema;

Provide designated brand baby consumables

Touch early education

Regularly held early intelligence development training such as baby spa, touch massage, passive exercise, and music edification

Instruct parents to play parent-child games and establish attachment relationships between babies and parents;

Instruct parents to bathe and touch the baby, increase emotional communication, and establish a foundation for the care after the birth.


    Obstetrics and gynecology experts, dieticians, and professional puerperium meal chefs work together to scientifically customize the puerperium meal according to the special physique of the postpartum mother, according to the nutrition required at different stages of the puerperium, while satisfying the recovery of the body and body of the new mother. Nutritional needs of breastfeeding newborn babies.
Postpartum meal features
    Balanced nutrition, light taste, rich food, less food and more meals, nourishing milk, health and self-cultivation, individual, seasonal, ancient method, scientific and safe.
Postpartum rehabilitation - beauty and body
    Special professional beauty and body salon, introduce advanced instruments and products at home and abroad, use the method suitable for postpartum lactating women, and care for every new mother.

    A variety of soothing conditioning and restorative health care programs allow new mothers to relax and rejuvenate and rejuvenate.

The club package includes breast health care, postpartum body repair, postpartum rehabilitation health care, Chinese medicine health care shampoo, Chinese medicine foot bath health care, postpartum body aromatherapy massage, and deep cleansing repairs in the back.
Mommy Salon
     Regularly organize pregnancy knowledge classes and interest exchange activities, prenatal training courses, post-natal counseling courses throughout the entire breeding process, providing one-stop full-scale scientific counseling and caring services, to ensure that each new mother is comfortable, pleasant and rich postpartum care holiday.


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