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Postpartum Care Center

       Shanghai RICI Women's And Children's Hospital has a medical-grade postpartum care center. With the strong medical advantages of Shanghai RICI Women's And Children's Hospital, it is close to prevention and timely treatment. It adds a perfect stroke to the mother's princess trip, realizing the birthing process and private care. 

       “Birth, rest and integration” mode, 24-hour medical linkage, maximizing the sharing of maternity hospital resources, Obstetricians, neonatal pediatrics, dieticians, postpartum rehabilitation teachers and other professional physicians to communicate maternal and newborn health status at any time. And adjust the care plan according to the mother and babies' needs. The whole process ensures the personalization and customization of the postpartum care.


        The client's information is clear at a glance, eliminating the cumbersome communication process between the parturient transition and the postpartum care center. Allowing the mother and the newborn to enjoy a princess-like “childbirth holiday” in a quiet environment.

Caring service

       One-on-one intimate butler service, professional nurses and maternity matron constitute a professional nursing team, taking care of mothers and babies, guarding their health, providing professional quality and scientific guidance services for novice mothers and babies.

        ● Postpartum rehabilitation program

        ● Scientific slimming guidance

        ● Health psychological counseling

        ● Newborn professional care


Selected postpartum meal

       Professional postpartum meal chefs work together with gynecologists / obstetricians and dietitians to study together Customized staged meal plans based on physical fitness, physical condition and nutritional needs.

        ● Three meals a day, have more meals a day but less food at each

        ● Balanced nutrition, Nourishing and promoting human milk

        ● Light taste, health and self-cultivation

        ● The ingredients are abundant and in season

        ● Ancient cooking, scientific safety


Maternal rest space

       The first phase of the clubhouse consists of 8 exclusive five-star monthly sub-bedrooms and 2 deluxe suites. The intimate maternity and maternity room design provides a safe and comfortable environment for delicate maternal and newborn babies.

        ● Independent fresh air system, which is conducive to the prevention and control of infection

        ● Green air purification system

        ● Safety and comfort equipment such as intelligent toilets

        ● Baby shower exclusive SPA room

        ● Private exclusive living room


        Every cute baby born in Shanghai RICI Women's And Children's Hospital can enjoy regular follow-up by experts to keep the baby healthy.

        A personalize month-long nursery care allows maternity and newborns to enjoy a princess-like ' childbirth holiday ' in a quiet, comfortable and inviting environment.

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