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Pediatric Department

      Our pediatrics department has a relationship and cooperates with Fudan University Affiliated Children's Hospital. We provide all medical services for children from the age of 0-14. This includes a specialist team for pediatric consultation, pediatric outpatient, inpatient, surgery, and a VIP channel for emergency treatment at a network hospital.

      RICI's chief Pediatrician Zhou Hua from our pediatric and neonatal department together with her team has provided many free consultations covering children's care and education. With her team we provide medical services include (but not limited to): Regular evaluation of baby wellness; Diagnosis and treatment of common pediatric diseases, neonatal care, respiratory care, gastrointestinal care, allergic and infectious illnesses, education for children's health.

      The Department of Pediatrics at Shanghai RUCI hospital has all your child's wellness demands covered. With the childlike environment and our friendly medical staff to provide you with the most professional and customized care.

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