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Obstetrics Department

       Our mission at RICI is to ensure that every pregnant woman enjoys a princess-like maternity journey. The private physicians service of RICI brings a new choice to the domestic medical market. Our aim is to satisfy every woman's needs for medical care from prenatal check-ups through to post-delivery in a happy and efficient way.

       Shanghai RICI Women's and Children's Hospital is affiliated with and is a strategic partner with Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital Of Fudan University and Children's Hospital Of Fudan University. This comprehensive collaboration with top ranking obstetricians and gynecologists from this partnership in prenatal health care, health education, psychological counseling, postpartum recovery etc guarantees our high quality medical service. An epidural at childbirth is the most commonly used anesthesia during a normal delivery and it provides rapid pain relief on the day of birth. An obstetrician, nurse, newborn pediatrician, midwife and an anesthesiologist are present at the same time. After childbirth there will be a nutritional doctor available to recommend the most nutritional food according to the mother's and baby's personal physical needs.

       Shanghai RICI Women's and Children's Hospital has imported the most advanced medical equipment to meet the needs of the high quality treatments that we provide. The comfortable high quality delivery rooms are of an international standard. This is to ensure that a mother can enjoy every moment from welcoming the arrival of a baby to hosting family and friends. From the moment you enter the hospital, every pregnant woman can enjoy a princess-like maternity journey.

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