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Hospital Introduction

Hospital Introduction 

       Shanghai RICI Women's and Children's Hospital is located within the Henry Lester Institute for Medical Research. Adjacent to the Institute is the Shanghai Children's Hospital, both of are located within the City Center of Shanghai. The hundred-year-old trees that crisscross the green Institutes grounds give a feeling of freshness and nature within this urban area. Your pregnancy journey starts here within this environment where you will be treated like a ‘princess’.


       Shanghai RICI Women's and Children's Hospital has an area of more than 10,000 square meters. The hospital has fully equipped departments consisting of obstetrics, gynecology and neonatal pediatrics. We also have a medical grade postpartum care center.

       We have nearly 100 hospital beds to meet the needs of women requiring a high-end pregnancy experience within a comfortable medical environment. We follow a ‘3H’ concept - Hospital + Home + Hotel. This means we provide a ‘professional hospital’ with a ‘warm home’ and a ‘comfortable hotel’ feeling. From the moment you enter the hospital every pregnant woman can enjoy a princess-like maternity experience within a caring international standard high-end women and children's hospital.

       Shanghai RICI Women's and Children's Hospital is affiliated with Fudan University Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. Furthermore, Fudan University Pediatric Hospital is our strategic partner. Professor Feng Youji (the tenth president of the Fudan University Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital) serves as our hospitals president supported by other first-rate obstetrics and gynecology experts. This ensures that we provide the highest quality medical treatment required of Shanghai RICI Women's and Children's Hospital.

       Shanghai RICI Women's and Children's Hospital uses the most advanced medical equipment available from world leading companies such as GE, Siemens and other world-renowned medical companies. We are equipped with; GE high-end nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument, automatic biochemical instrument and other state of the art high-end medical hardware. This enables us to provide in-depth and accurate testing.


       To meet the special needs of women during pregnancy we have meticulously designed our mother-and-child family wards. We have paid attention to every detail including the selection of professional soundproof doors and windows, curtain shades, green and environmental furniture and fully adjustable hospital beds to meet the special needs of women during delivery. To ensure the safety and the privacy of both babies and mothers we are equipped with an intelligent 24-hour secure access control system. 


       Our hospital has a medical grade postpartum care center. This ensures a seamless connection between delivery and continued private 24-hour healthcare while also maximizing the sharing of maternity and partner hospital resources. Obstetricians, neonatal doctors, nutritionists, postpartum rehabilitation therapists and other professionals can communicate the health status of pregnant women and newborns at any time. This enables mothers and newborns to enjoy a ‘princess-like’ rest within a quiet comfortable and secure environment. Furthermore, pediatrics experts will follow up regularly to ensure the babies grow up healthily.

       With a warm service, a comfortable environment, professional management, advanced hardware and equipment Shanghai RICI Women's and Children's Hospital combines medical technology and service to write a new chapter in the field of high-end women's and children's medical services.

       Address: Building 5, No.1314/1320 West Beijing Road, Jing An district

       Hotline: 400-920-6066   021-321 13000


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